Critical Review

"Mezzo soprano Hyoun-soo Sohn, as Zamala, showed off her pliant, rapturous voice."

-  Ted Shen, Chicago Tribune

". . . the embodiment of a beautiful princess, with a mellow burnished mezzo."

- Anne Midgette, The New York Times

“The cast is led by two powerful singer-actresses, portraying a tragically abused Butterfly and her maid, Suzuki, who is sympathetic but unable to alter fate….Each turns in a striking solo performance. Their collaboration is sublime.... Sohn projects her rich middle and low registers with strength, making Suzuki's Flower Duet with Butterfly a tour de force. Previously deferential to Butterfly and Pinkerton despite skepticism, Suzuki finally lets her true colors show in Act 3, unleashing the melancholy she felt all along.”

- Whitney Smith, Indianapolis Star

“The evening’s soloist was mezzo-soprano Hyounsoo Sohn …gorgeously, inimitably orchestrated while affording the soloist with melodies of utmost charm and meaning….all that was captured by the gifted Sohn.”

- Peter Jacobi, The Herald-Times

"Hyounsoo Sohn as Hoffmann's muse was both amusing and delightful in her trouser role as a young student."

- George Walker, WFIU

"In the trouser role of Siebel, the young man who loves Marguerite unrequitedly, Hyounsoo Sohn displayed vitality of personality along with a lusty mezzo."

- Peter Jacobi, The Herald-Times

"Perhaps the highlight of the cast for me was Hyounsoo Sohn as Suzuki. I was repeatedly charmed by her captivating stage performance and beautifully moving singing."

- James Rogers, Bloomington Independent

"A highlight of the evening for me was a flower duet with her maid Suzuki. Hyounsoo Sohn was outstanding in that lower voice role.

- George Walker, WFIU

"Only the evening's Suzuki, Hyounsoo Sohn, struck the right dramatic note from the start, lending a pliant mezzo to the role of Butterfly's loyal-to-the-end servant."

- Peter Jacobi, The Herald-Times

"Mezzo-soprano Hyounsoo Sohn with her sparkling, crystal-clear voice made an enchanting Marguerite."

-Adam Sedia, IDS


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